About | Spit and Polish Media

Spit and Polish Media is a digital media company based in Dunedin, New Zealand that specialises in video production.

“I’ve been mucking around with cameras all of my life. My passion for capturing the perfect image really kicked in after breaking my arm playing rugby, forcing me to sit on the beach and film my mates surfing – my other passion. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a business and in just a few years I had produced a number of DVD’s that sold worldwide. That was back in the days of DVD’s and standard definition. Things certainly have changed.

These days I live and breathe digital media – it’s now my full time job. In recent years I have produced hundreds of videos, from weddings, event coverage, educational, corporate, promotional – all presenting different challenges and allowing me to expand my skills as a filmmaker. I thrive on the challenge of new projects and always take the approach to do something a little different than everything else out there. Instead of playing it safe and getting the shots to get the job done I like to take risks and go for those one or two extra special shots that people remember. Thinking big to tell stories that inspire is the philosophy that underpins my work.”

Hayden Parsons
Creative Director
Spit & Polish Media