May 10, 2015

Explore More NZ

Unlike other campaigns that focus on the quality of the institution to attract international students, Explore More NZ is a campaign to show international students thinking about coming to New Zealand what you can get up to outside of studying. We sent a group of German students on the trip of a lifetime around NZ over summer armed with a GoPro camera to capture their journey. I had to play travel agent and organise all of their amazing activities from my sweaty office, making this a tough social media campaign to coordinate! The social media channels attracted a lot of attention with some posts reaching over 20,000 people. They returned to Dunedin with hours and hours of footage that I had to sift through, which I eventually cut down to the video below which shows just some of the highlights from their trip! The video went viral, getting over 150,000 views in under 2 days, it’s fair to say the campaign was a big success!